About us

MB Stone International represents a consortium of quarries and factories throughout France engaged in the dimensional stone industry. Our member companies produce a range of natural stone for traditional masonry, thin wall-cladding, interior wall veneers, floor finishes, external paving and all other uses for natural stone. The majority of our quarries are limestone and marble and our experts are always available to help select the right material for your project.

As the main source for French stone we use the real name relating to its geographic origin.

  • FULL RANGE of French limestones

    From Burgundy : Beaumaniere / Beauval, Fontenay / Magny,
    Lanvignes, St Martin Belleroche, Comblanchien
    From Alpes and South: Blue Savoy, Villebois, Ruoms, Chandore , Hauteville
    From Perigord and Pyrennés: Limeyrat, Dalle de France, Bretigny,
    Ste Croix de Mareuil, Henri 4, Ste Anne, and Paloma, Sarrancolin, Tarn...
    From Paris, Brittany and Normandy: St Maximin, Caen, Noyant, Lanhelin


    Flooring : Private Residence, Commercial, Hotels, Office Buildings, Museum…
    Outside Cladding : Thin Cladding, Massive
    All in your residence: Flooring, Cladding, Bathroom, Kitchen, Fireplaces, Landscaping , Swimming pool,…
    Public area :Road Pavement, Furnitures, Fountains, Sculptures…

  • ALL TYPES of stones for ALL USES

    Types: Hard limestone, Semi hard limestone, Soft limestone,
    Uses : Frost resistant stones, Numerous colors from black to white,
    Various finishes, contemporary to antic.


    MB Stone International will bring you primarily product quality,but
    expertise of our services and especially peace of mind for your stone purchases.

How we help you choose


All enquiries are answered in consultation with the local factory and offers made direct from the manufacturer. Rules for construction materials exist in each country. Our stones are thoroughly tested to prove they can meet the requirements of rules in force, according to French and European standards. The required levels for each project will depend on its location and the stones’ use. First of all aspect is important as this is why a stone is chosen (color, uniformity or variation, grain, veins …). As stone is a natural product, we strongly recommend you ask to see samples. It is then necessary to decide upon eventual finishes (finishes do not apply to all stones); and consider if the sizes and quantities match the capacity of the quarry and the stone. And finally, physical criteria should be considered including :

• The wear resistance depending on the crossing of pedestrians or vehicles
• The flexural strength to predict thickness especially if there is circulation of vehicles
• The resistance to frost susceptibility for external paving
• The slip resistance requirements
• The porosity for outdoor use exposed to dirt
• The ease of maintenance
Wall Cladding:
• The porosity of the bonded stone
• The anchor resistance in case of dry fixing, to dimension to the wind and earthquake resistance
Massive stones :
• Compression to assess the strength of the structure
• The capillarity for water penetration.